Sri Lanka 2016


I am about to embark on another trip to Sri Lanka.  This trip is from 31st Jan to 17th Feb.  On this occasion I have organised a group of 7, Charles (Sydney), cousin Sangaran (Malaysia), cousin Susie (Malaysia), Shantini (Malaysia), Logan and Vasantha (Singapore).  For the first week I have organised a tour that is largely in the South-Eastern part of Sri Lanka.  We will go as far as Batticaloa on the East of the island.  I will be using my previous tour guide, Jagath Kumara, who has since my last trip in 2013, taken a number of friends and relatives on tours based on my recommendation.  Jagath will be meeting us at the airport.  The flight from KL lands in Colombo at 10pm and the flight from Singapore at 11:55pm.  Charles and I will be joined by Logan and Vasantha in Singapore.

For the second week we will be travelling by train to Jaffna.  The trains are running again and this should be interesting.  I have organised a van in Jaffna to take us on tours there and beyond.  I am really looking forward to seeing the changes that have taken place in Jaffna since my last trip 3 years ago.  More importantly, an even larger gathering of relatives and friends await us in Jaffna.  There is  huge religious festival at a temple (consecration) on our ancestral island.  There will be a gathering of relatives from all parts of the world.

Our road trip on the first week will take us to Batticaloa where we will stop for 2 days.  On the way we will stop at historical sites like Dumbulla (rock caves), Sigiriya Rock and maybe a wildlife sanctuary.  Then down the east coast, hopefully to Arugam Bay (surfing mecca) and then inland to the famous temple at Kataragama and also to Yala National Park.  Following that we will be travelling along the southern coast to Galle and then back to Colombo on the 7th of Feb.  We will leave the following day by train to Jaffna.  We will be back in Colombo on the 15th.  Again we hope to cover plenty of historical and cultural sites in Jaffna.