Day Seventeen – Last Day in Colombo

Tuesday 16 February 2016

This was our last full day in Colombo.  We were leaving at different times to different destinations.  All of us were leaving tomorrow.  Charles and I were heading to Singapore on a 1:10 am flight which means we would be picked up around 9:30pm today.  Sangaran’s flight to Kuala Lumpur is at 1:00 pm.  Logan and Vasantha’s flight to Chennai is at 1:30pm.  Finally, Susie and Shantini’s flight to Kuala Lumpur is at 11:00 pm.  Transport has been arranged to take the various parties to the airport.

Today, Susie and I were keen to get to the departmental store called Barefoot.  I went to the store the last time I was here in 2013 and wanted to make a visit before I left the country but did not make it.  This time I was keen to buy some presents to take home.  The store had everything Sri Lankan, from books and handicrafts to material and clothes.  It is vibrant and different.  There is also a good restaurant attached to the store.  Shantini decided to come with us to have a look.  We decided to walk to the store.  It was not too far and took us about an hour.  We spent some time shopping.  I bought a few items to take home.  Susie did the same.  Shantini who came with us to just have a look, bought half the shop.  Susie and I retreated to the restaurant to have some refreshments while we waited for Shantini.  We had lunch at the restaurant.

Susie and I decided to walk back.  This was not feasible in Shantini’s case.  We loaded her and her shopping onto a tuk-tuk to take her back to the apartment.  We got back to the apartment and rested a bit.  We decided to meet Logan and Vasantha for a catch up and dinner.  We came back to the apartment early so that Charles and I could do a final pack of our bags.  Siraj and Shanta who were in Colombo dropped in to see us and also extend their condolences to me.  Shanta knew my mother from all those years ago in Malaysia.

Before long, Charles and I were picked up for the airport.  Colombo airport is very confusing and lacks order.  So some patience was required.  We cleared formalities and soon we were on the air side ready to board our plane.  Another memorable trip comes to an end but it would not be my last.  Jagath is keen for me to bring my family over.  Dianne needs some convincing as she is not a fan of hot weather.  On the other hand, Alyssa is very keen.

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